It was immediately important to me to be able to produce whole, nutritious and delicious food free of chemicals for my daughter: Edith. She started eating whole food in the month of December. In Alberta, there’s not a lot of fresh produce that hasn't been shipped from another country in the winter months. Even “certified organic” food could not assure me that I was providing the best for her, and so I reflected for some time, and decided to (again) try my hand at Microgreens.

The first time that I attempted microgreens it was a complete disaster, and I promptly gave up. This time, however, I had a greater motivation. I took in several courses on how to grow microgreens, and developed a better understanding of the process. This education turned out to be very successful. Having grown too many greens for our family to utilize, I took the abundance to three different restaurants in Camrose, Alberta. Two of them said yes, that they would love to support a local farm and business: Fika Coffeehouse and Hart House Wine & Tapas. We worked side by side, and continue to do so today.

As a child when all of my friends wanted to grow up to be police or firefighters, I had it in mind that the real superheroes are Chefs. As years have progressed, my admiration has developed, not waned. It’s an absolute pleasure to provide the best local produce to the greatest local Chefs, Families, and Artisans. At Glean Farm, we take pride in being as sustainable of an operation as possible. Without the support of these fine folks, we could not make this claim.

Have questions or inquiries? I would love the opportunity to chat with you (so long as it isn’t at Edith’s bedtime).

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